Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my several thoughts

I have returned to share my several thoughts.
It seems to me that all of us are leaving a wrong life.
Every day all of us are trying to satisfy our low-pitched desires.
There are not many people, at least among my friends, who is engaged in self development, for example drawing or meditation.
All that we do is just a material part of our life.
For a few years every night I have terribly bad dreams.
I even have got used to them.
When I was in a visit at my friends on Santorini, in September - an interesting thought has come to my mind.
I think that I have these dreams because someone from people had thoughts about something terrible and this thought was not simply only in the head of this person, but has left it and has joined other thoughts and ideas somewhere in space, in an information field.
It is quite possible that this thought did not get embodied in our real world, it was simply scrolled in my dream and possibly somehow was neutralized.
In general, in the house of my friends has come to my mind a lot of new and unusual thoughts.
May be I will write them here.
And may be not.
I have written my impressions of this island here.
May be it will be published.

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