Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The weather is terrible!

The weather is terrible outside - fog in the mornings and absolutely there is no sun. I have a nightmare at home - all are nervous and are tired almost since morning! Now I'm talking with my friend on Santorini - he says that they have sun, though also a strong wind today. He is saying that probably he is the last person who remained on the island and on week-end he is going to Paris. I want to go to Paris too or at least to Rome! Georg is inviting me in summer to Santorini and assures, that I will not get bored there - though I do not understand, what is so special and interesting there? In general, I'm not interested at all in ancient ruins and with great pleasure I would not go in this weekend to our historical museum - but I already promised this to Lisa, my best girl friend. She is simply crazy on all historical things. She is saying that probably in ancient times she was a queen! Yeah, right!!! It is a pity only that in March she is going to Larnaca - on December 7th she is getting married and the groom has already arrived from Cyprus. The guy is ok, just pretty small and with awful nose. Well, it's not really important in the man, the most important is attention and care!

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