Monday, September 17, 2007

Every Man to His Taste.

Yesterday my friends visited me. They have brought a bottle of Cyprian wine and photos of their rest.

They are very good friends, only their kid is too restless, he was constantly intruding upon everywhere. I thought that his superfluity of energy will necessarily lead to something bad, but thank God nothing was broken!

I have shown friends my photos of Cuba and we even have argued, where it is better to have a rest, on Cuba or in Cyprus. Probably the truth is somewhere in other plane.

The place is not the most important, but the main thing is the way you have spent your holiday.

If I had an opportunity - I would travel more, but necessarily having prepared well!

For example I regret very much that I didn’t dive in the warm Cuban waters with an aqualung. And my friends even did not know that it was possible to go to a monastery in mountains of Cyprus!

I want to visit every part of the world, but my money is not enough for everything I want...

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