Monday, February 19, 2007


I visited a real paradise, which is known as Greece. I stayed in the “Traditional Family House” where the ground floor is intended for parents, first floor for their children, the next for grandchildren and etc. I had my own room with a private terrace where I enjoyed a breathtaking Acropolis View.
Only in Greece you can discover for yourself a great number of surprising features, for example - if you are going to build a villa you need to know that there are some islands where architecture of your building must correspond to the general traditional style. There is a legislative restriction in Athens: “One cannot erect the building which has more than four levels and is higher than Acropolis”. It would be strange if you will find here a building height higher than kilometer as in Dubai.
I got a general notion of the Greek lifestyle essence. The main & important principle of each Greek is to relax & enjoy as far as possible (it resembles Cypriots).
All the year round there are a lot of festivals and holidays, as this country is considered as a motherland of the Mythological Gods. Moreover the warm climate of Greece, striking history with triumphal victories, the best wine creates this relaxing atmosphere. Each Greek understands that he has just one life that is why he tries to enjoy life to the full. Every day, usual Athenian habitant comes at work at 7o’clock and finishes it after midi at 3.00, after all this he drags himself along to his home in order to have a great lunch on his balcony. Terrace, balcony and sunshade - all this is served for comfort leisure. There is a shade here and, if you have luck it maybe a light wind as well. The life begins only in evening.
I enjoy my life. Finally, the main image of the town - it’s a magic picture of the night sky, illuminated buildings of Ancient Acropolis & streets. Without doubts, Athens is a unique capital which looks gorgeous only in the night. Probably only a poet can describe Athens better or photos and remembrance.

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